Told Ya So!

It’s been less than two months, since my 60th birthday was ruined.
You see, I was born on the inauguration day of President John F. Kennedy, so, this past January, I, once again, felt as if I’d been shortchanged by the U.S. voters.

Before any of my readers picket the front of my house or seek to send me email bombs, I’ll take the opportunity to express the fact that I, just like any other citizen, am entitled to my opinion and, when a democrat … i.e. – someone, who doesn’t seem to care about the rights of the unborn, those, who are simply PAWNS, in the “game” of politics, when people, who are anxious to use anything, they can find, to win an election, will get behind a murderous industry, tor the sake or a vote,

I think I’ve just ended a runoff sentence, so I’ll continue, here: My thinking has always been that if you murder someone, you, simply, remove their heartbeat. If you abort a fetus … and, I don’t care if you think of it as birth contrl or anything else … you, also, end a heartbeat.
So destroying a heartbeat, whether the body, with that heartbeat is inside or outside the womb, in absolutely nothing less than murder and, whether the pro-murder (HEY! Y’all can call it choice, birth control of anything else you desire, but, as far as I’m concerned, you’re ignoring the fact that, from the moment of concepton, that fetus is alive and growing.)

Personally, I am overjoyed with the fact that Obama’s idiocy led to the election of President Trump and, whether he began his candidacy as a Christian or not, he made good U.S. Supreme Court choices and those, hopefully, will lead to changes in the Right to Life laws this country has made into a mockery of and unborn baby’s rights!

Some people may disagree with this…Frankly, I don’t care…When I stand before my Maker, on the Judgement Day, I will be happy to profess that I did what I could to stop the murder of unborn children.

When I began this blog, I mentioned that my, recent birthday was ruined by the installikng of another murderer, in the White House. Well, I can dream, with the best of ’em, so I dream of a day, when any president, being sorn in, will have the same love for children … inside of outside the womb … as I. I dream of a day, when the president, whether conservative or liberal, will take office, witth the goal of saving the lives of the unborn.

AGES Galore

When Donald Trump was preparing to wipe the Washington streets with the backside of Hillary Clinton, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA had a field day, demanding Trump was too old for the presidency.
At the time, Trump was 72 and the DNC, along with the FAKE NEWS MEDIA demanded he was too old for the job.

Well, when they decided to give the job, which they’d stolen, to Biden, who is almost 80, they didn’t say a word and it makes the sound minded individuals wonder why they play such hypocritical politics.

Now What?

Now that Trump has been acquitted of both charges against him, we can almost be guaranteed of two things: First, the likes of Nancy Pelosi will spend the next four years, trembling that he’ll be able to come back and do what no president has done, since Grover Cleveland.
That is, to serve two non-consecutive terms in office.

From early on, I noted that this was Pelosi’s lone reason for impeaching him. She, along with the idiots, who sought to stop him, when he won the White House and then sought to drain the swamp, where the Democratic National Convention lives.
So, when she realized that the American people are behind him, with no way to continue doing what they’d always done … use their own riches to keep the Middle Class Americans in a place, where we will not, anytime soon, be able to emerge from: POEVERTY.

The wealthy don’t care that the majority of Americans are facing impoverishment, the lives of the people, who have riches and the lives of those, who do not, are nowhere near similar, because we have to wait in line for everything, we need, while they will simply call someone to bring them what-ever they want.

So, I look to 2024, when I’ll (hopefully) be able to vote for Donald J. Trump and see him usurp the president, whom the DNC will, almost certainly, seek to honor as the man, who cleaned up after Trump. The only problem is, Trump had to clean up the mess, left behind by Biden’s old boss and I’d expect Trump will need to return to clean up after Biden.

End Time Revival

Some might think of this as Endtime or EndTime Revival, but that’s not the point. The point is, a revival is coming and I am wondering if the pandemic will, in some way, lead to it.

Some christians are assuming that the pandemic will lead to a wworldwide shortage of money and that the Antichrist will come up, with a solution to solve all the bankruptcies. I’m not sure where, but I’ve been told that scripture says the Antichrist will charm people into believing he has all the answers to worldwide problems, including the unatainable peace in the Middle East.
What I think needs to be understood is that no peace will ever be achieved, there, or anywhere else, except through the shed blood of the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Having said that, I think it’s obvious that no peace treaty, formed by men, will ever amount to anything. Of course, if my own peers refuse to believe this, how could I expect the world leaders to accept it?

From the time I accepted the Lord, in November, 1973, until just recently, I was told and believed that nobody could figure out when Jesus would return and, as Scripture says, He will appear, like a Thief in the night.
While it is true that His appearance will surprise many, just as someone might, unexpectedly, walk in on a thief, who is robbing their home, it’s not true that nobody will know when He will return.
As soon as I find the program episode, where the recently deceased teacher, Irvin Baxter explained how we’ll know when the Tribulation, which will precede the Great Tribulation, has begun, I’ll con-tinue this, with another blog.

Unity, in America

The inauguration  Joe Biden, this past Wednesday, did the same thing that happened, in 2013 and 2017. Because I was born the day JFK was inaugurated, I would look forward to the inauguration of a good president.
If you ask me, inaugurating the likes of Obama, or Biden, misses the mark, simply because the Democratic National Convention has turned into a group of people, who seem to want to make this country as anti-God as you can get.

I’m sure half the people, who read this, or simply hear me speak of this, in public, will demand I am wrong, but the fact the democratic party ushered the right for homosexuals to marry … ignoring the fact that Almighty God made Adam and Eve … not Adam and Steve … and told them to be fruitful and multiply (when those, who have a problem, with what I’ve just written, can offer proof that two women or two men can have children, without the assistance of science, I’ll, immediately, write another blog, admitting I am wrong. until them, I stand by my stance that homosexuality is ungodly and wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, here. I have known homosexuals, who were nice people and I made friends with some of those. The thing is, they’re living in sin and, lest anyone get the wrong impression, here, I’ll go ahead and add that, to adults, who are unmarried and living a lifestyle, where they’re involved in a premarital sexual relationship, are also living in sin.
Sexsin is sexsin is sin, no matter if it is homosexual or heterosexual.

It appears to me that the Democratic National Convention is anxious to allow sexsin, in America and cause the American people to live with it, as if it is natural.

So, what are we – Americans, who believe God is the Maker of this great nation and also believe that His Word is the beginning and end of everything, American, to do, when it comes to school policies, everyday thought of things, going on and happening, in our lives?

So, how are we … God’s people, that is … supposed to endure this rat race, while we’re expected to live as if we’re being moved into the same “closeted” lifestyle that the homosexuals have have been allowed to move out of
I mean, for years and years, the homosexual community was a secret group and, now, that the Supreme Court has given them the right to do as they please — virtually slapping Almighty God in His Holy face — it’s as if the uncaring masses are now trying to push the people, who have loved His Word, with a passion, are being pushed into that same closet.

Americans, whether they’re Christian or not, are punished for making statements, considered to be detrimental to Muslims (even the ones, who are blowing people up) or just about any cult, out there. However, should a Christian, regardless of denomination, make a statement that is considered insulting to any of the cults, our there, we can be held accountable and sued!

A few years ago, I sat down in the local Chick-Fil-A restaurant and opened the USAToday newspaper, where I saw an editorial, column, in which a writer was deriding “show of religion in sports.”
This was the first time I’d ever felt something, in the paper, worth replying to. I couldn’t wait to get one, turn on my desktop computer and send my opinion in to that editorial.
In my reply, I stated that this is still America and, in the America I know, people have the right to praise Almighty God for the talent He’d bestowed upon them. I added that the writer, who derided players, who kneel in the end zone, or who look up and thank the Lord, Whom they believe gave them the ability to hit a homerun has the right to his opinion, although I’m sure this man didn’t have a problem, with pitchers, who storm the mound, screaming every dirty word they could think of, when they disagree, with a decision, made by the home plate umpire, so I would add that allowing the spirit of the antichrist to be seen and heard, would also make it wrong to allow one and not the other.

Thinking of this, I would add that the America, I remember, would have honored Almighty God, first. Meaning the devil his fallen angels would not be honored, AT ALL.

So, for the likes of Joe Biden to offer unity that, actually, means the Christians and the conservatives will have to bend over backwards while the likes of every liberal group, filing through, is allowed to walk over us. And, that is not to mention the fact that the majority of those groups will be anxious to rant and rave, against the good things of the Word of God, which are important to the American way of life.

So, until Joe Biden, et al, are willing to meet the conservatives halfway, I don’t believe a word, they say, when they speak of change, because their “change” will be nothing but demanding the conservatives bend over backwards and allow the liberals to walk all over us.

Why Now?

Trump’s tour of duty will be over in another ten days. So, why are the democrats, on Capitol Hill, so anxious to impeach him? I may have come up with that reason. Let me see if I can explain this, so as to make it simple enough for those dim bulbs, who, for some unknown reason, still demand Obama was a good guy, who loved/s both Israel and America.

In 2016, when the miracle-out-of-the-polling-places came about and the American people had usurped everything related to the party, whose mascot is a jackass. Trump’s goal, as many will recall, was to drain the swamp and the dim bulb faction went to work, immediately, hoping to shed themselves of their archenemy, simply because they live in the status quo, where the wealthy, become wealthier and the outlook, for the poor and the Middle Class, becomes bleaker, all the time.

It’s becoming apparent that the dim bulb faction is, simply, a group, who are already shaking in their boots, afraid that Trump will come back, in 2024, and wrest control from the Swamplords.

Because of that, they’re hoping an impeachment will derail that possibility, four years in advance.

The only remedy, I can see, is for God’s people … both Christians and Jews … to humble themselves and pray. The only problem is this: The Jews have, traditionally, taken the stance of whatever dem-ocrat is in Washington, so I don’t know whether they’ll wake up and see that, once again, the members of the Democratic National Convention are simply a bunch of jerks, who utilize their wealth to dominate everyone, who doesn’t have wealth.

While I am aware that, many, in the Jewish culture, are wealthy, I don’t think that’s the reason they align themselves, with the DNC. I have been told that the Jewish/DNC bond, began, in the ’40’s, when Harry S. Truman sought to give the land of Israel to God’s people, for their homeland.
Apparently, because of this, they, uniformly assume a democrat is a good politician.

I have a friend, who demands Obama was a good president (personally, I would add, “for nothing,” after the word good) and, flat out, rejects any notion that Obama not only suggested splitting Jerusalem, giving half to Palestine, for their capitol, but also attempted to set the wheels in motion, when nobody warmed up to the idea.

As soon as Trump began his first month, in the Oval Office, he went to work, forging a plan to move the American embassy to the capitol of Israel. This was an in-your-face-jack move. I think Trump’s goal was to solidify America’s union, with our main ally, in the Middle East.
The dim bulb faction didn’t like it and I shout a resounding, “SO WHAT!!” to them!

Ten days are all that remain for the Trump Administration. I would think the democrats, in Congress have probably waited too long and that their goal to block Trump from returning, in four years, to complete his mission, may never arrive at fruition.

Of course, I will soon be 60 and I’ve spent my entire voting life watching the underhanded tactics, used by both parties. I can only recall once, when the Republican party went out of its way to prevent the reelection of Jimmy Carter.
As I recall, somehow, they caused the suspension of the Iranian hostages and that, alone, is the reason Carter’s reelection failed. That’s what I recall reading, back in 1981.

In 1996, a black man, who is a Christian, honest, educated … the antithesis of Barrack Obama, ran for president as a Republican and the RNC wouldn’t give him the time of day.
Sen. Alan Keyes’ campaign didn’t get off the ground and it could have been that, had he been elected president, the slogan, used by the racist, Obama, wouldn’t have led anywhere.

I am told that, the DNC has already attempted to impeach Trump, once, and that the RNC members, in the House of Representatives, blocked it. I am led to assume that the DNC is, now, hoping Trump has a few more enemies, inside his own party.
Otherwise, the DNC has just gone from being as dumb as they look to taking the prize of being DUMBER than they look!

Second Time

Just recently, for the second time, since I became a voter (in 1980) I have voted for a candidate, for
president, who didn’t win the state, where I voted. The first was in 1980, when I voted for Reagan and, because Jimmy Carter is Georgia’s “son,” Reagan lost this state.
in 1984, I voted by absentee ballot, from Batavia, NY, because I wasn’t home (DeCatur, GA, was “home,” at the time, so I had to send my ballot, three weeks, prior to the election). Mondale lost every state, except Minnesota .. and, of course, D.C., which is a bastion for dim bulb politicians.

Even when Clinton and the half breed, racist (Obama) won their respective elections, neither of them carried the states, where I voted.

That record ended, recently, when another racist candidate (you’ll have to work HARD, to prove, to me, that Biden’s choice of a black vice president wasn’t racially motivated!) carried Georgia, where the black population had been voting for the Republican presidential candidate in the past 20 years’ General Elections.

It remains to be seen whether the old man .. Biden, that is .. will resign so the dim bulb party will finally have a REAL African-American president.

There’s another thing I wonder about: It’s possible that Biden’s candidacy has underlying ulterior motives: I mean, has he brought a black woman into his “second-in-command” position, so he can turn around and resign, making the dim bulb alliance the architects of both the first (as THEY say) African-American, to be elected, president and the first A/A woman to hold that office, by default, since the old man never planned to stay in that office the entire four years, anyhow.

I’m sure that, should this be a newspaper column in any one of the rags, where they spend mega-bucks, attempting to make good politicians look bad and even more money, attempting to convince anyone, with half a brain, that the likes of Obama, are the best politicians money can buy, it would be scraped, by the editor, prior to press day.
I am fortunate, however, that this blog belongs to me and anyone, who doesn’t like what I’ve said is free to try to prove me wrong, in their reply.
They’d better have factual evidence, though, because just to say that Russia was seeking to assist Trump in remaining the White House, won’t be enough!

It remains to be seen and they’re the only ones, who can prove me wrong!!


Tonight, Amy Coney Barrett was, all but, installed into the United States Supreme Court, bringing a super majority of conservative justices on that bench. I am sure we’re going to hear how Trump and all the other Republicans had a goal, all along, to do away with anything, related to the self-righteous liberals, but I’d like to offer another opinion: When George W. Bush was in office, I began thinking that he should probably bring in a liberal justice, with his third choice, because I surmised that the liberals should have someone to look after their views.
Then, I started thinking about the fact that, if Gore had been elected, he would have overloaded that bench with nothing but liberals, whose goal would have been to do nothing but to fix America’s legal system to serve Satan’s interest and make sure the nation would aim at remaining anti-righteous-ness, which is what the Christians could have expected, had Hillary moved back into the White House, in January, 2017.
After all, the democrats, almost always demand that any judge he/she taps for a federal post will be required to be pro-murder, which is what I call anyone, whose goal isn’t to honor the lives of the yet-to-be-born children.
The American media doesn’t think anything is wrong with a candidate, who is more interested in the votes of the murderous throng than they are in the people, whose ideals are to save the lives of the unwanted babies.
For years, I’ve noticed, headlines and stories, where the self-righteous American press will accused a conservative of having a litmus test for their nominees. The unGodly, self-righteous press will demand that the desires of the mothers are more important than the lives of the fetuses, they are carrying.

The installment of Justice Coney-Barrett will, now, allow the U.S. to return to the honor of the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who told the prophet Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” (Jeremiah 1:5) and allow this great nation to return to the God of our forefathers, who founded this place on the principles of His Word.
Unfortunately, that is also the Word that the liberal, Left has ignored for the past years.

So, whether the democratically aligned voters like it or not, Trump is doing, for righteousness, what Hillary would have done, for unrighteousness and this is the exact reason why the democratic senators went to work, moments after Trump was elected, to throw him out of the Oval Office.
This is exactly why they are so anxious to have his reelection campaign thwarted, as well!

Sense, In America

Early, this morning, I was watching an old rerun of In the Heat of the Night, in which crack cocaine had invaded “small town” Sparta, MS. I have no idea what those kids were actually smoking. However, it caused me to recall something that had happened, during my Junior year in high school, back in 1978.
Back then, the main recreational drug, being used by high school students, was marijuana and, as I recall, a boy came up to me, in the hallway, with a joint, asking if I wanted to purchase it.

Shortly before that happened, I’d been thinking about how some of the kids, whom I knew, were already getting high, on a regular basis and, my thinking – then, as now, is – I wouldn’t want to do that, because of the possibility of pot leading to coke and, then, coke leading to heroin and heroin leading to a drug overdose, at an early age.

Now, I see, on television and, when I’ve spoken with a few, people, who are aware of what’s going on out there, I wonder if kids should have, first, taken the notion I took: realizing they could end up, with a life-long habit that will, possibly prevent them from reaching the age of 30 or 35.

Recently, on a televised rerun of a program, I saw a girl, whose parents had caught her with a joint. When they confronted her, she was asked if she’d been smoking pot, with some of her friends, who had already been in trouble, with the law for that very reason.
This caused the girl to become defensive and demand that there’s nothing wrong, with experimenting, to which her dad replied that, to some people it would lead to a lifelong deadly habit that could even lead to imprisonment.

That is the very reason I rejected the joint I had been offered, in high school. I didn’t want to get mixed in with something I wouldn’t be able to get out of.

I just wish most kids, nowadays, had the same wisdom, as teenagers.

I’m Not Surprised!

I’ve just read the title of an article, stating that both the Obamas are anxious to support Biden’s candidacy for president. I need not read the article, because anyone, who didn’t expect that to happen, after Hillary got her butt kicked, four years ago (effectively, throwing the Democratic idiocy out of the White House, after eight years.)

In 2016, the Democratic National Convention was aiming to have a murderous democrat, in office, to continue the onslaught of abortion and murder of infants, which would have happened, had Hillary been given the right to nominate the two Supreme Court justices, whom Trump has placed on that bench.
And now, with the old lady of the bench, whom Clinton put in … Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, for anyone, who needs help understanding who I am writing about … is nearing the end of her reign of terror, people are aware that, unless she died, today or in the next few weeks, because sinners, in high government positions, always seem to want other sinners to replace them.

I am still mesmerized about when Georgia’s democratic governor, Roy Barnes, decided to use the power of his office to replaced a duly elected Republican U.S. Representative and put a democrat in that office. I was overjoyed, however, when former governor Zell Miller became a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party because he believed they had left the will of the people, which I agree to be true!

As soon as Trump had been sworn into office, the DNC went to work to undermine his goals and also to make attempts to turn his administration into a four-year deal. That is what we’re looking at, now, as Biden has taken a black lady as his running mate.The DNC is anxious to wrest the black folks, whose votes they’ve lost in the past 30-some years, back, so, just like when they had an AVOWED RACIST, named Barrack Obama, who used the color of his African father’s skin to get his blackness voted into an office, where he could take one vacation, after another, playing golf as often as he pleased, while doing next to nothing for the U.S. (and, absolutely NOTHING for Israel … That’s a given, of course! While the avowed Muslim, who proved that point, when he told a Muslim cleric, in France, that he was a lifelong Muslim, he also proved his proclamation, given to the Rev. Rick Warren, of having been a Christian, since he was a teenager, to be a boldfaced LIE!
Personally, I noticed the lie assumed it was uttered with the intention of having unknowing and unsuspecting Christians duped into voting for him.

Well, it worked and, because he was elected, Trump became president, in 2017.

The dim bulb nation may not like it, but Trump proved himself to be something (a working president) his predecessor wasn’t, early in his administration.

That, alone, is why Trump needs to be reelected!!

My hope is that Trump will be reelected, Ginsburg will, then, be replaced by a God-serving jurist, the sins of the past USSCs will be removed and America will , once again, be ONE NATION, UNDER GOD!!