Back To Walker Texas Ranger…

It’s been nearly 18 years since Walker Texas Ranger went off the air.  The reruns have sustained me, during the interim and, as I watch an episode I have saved on DVR, I  cannot help but won’t why they don’t pull this out of mothballs and do it all over again.
I realize that Chuck Norris is nearing 80 and that his best days are behind him.  I wonder why C.D.’s bar and grill couldn’t remain the Ranger hangout, with Walker running the place.  They could have some of the cops … Glen Cooper could be a Ranger and, provided they could arrange it, Trivette could be brought back in the position that was Walker’s, previously.
I recall that at the end of the final movie, Alex had been shot.  She could be brought back in a wheelchair and Angela Walker, who was born during the final season, could become a character as well.

The possibilities are numerous!  I’d love to tune in, once again.  Also, I recall that, when they brought the old Dallas program back to life, they made it a twice-yearly program, where they filmed six episodes and those were shown in the spring, while another six were shown in the fall.  This format kept the program on air until Larry Hagman died, although I originally thought they were planning to kill of Bobby AND J.R. and let the next generation take over.

In my imagination, I keep hoping WTR will return, with the next generation having taken over and the old pro’s being their mentors.

It’s good to have dreams….RIGHT?



















Last night

Last night, for the third time, I watched as Nik Wallenda crossed a high wire.
First, I’d seen him as he crossed Niagara Falls and then I watched as he crossed the Grand Canyon.
His crossing of Times Square was a little bit different because he and his sister, who had been injured, when he attempted to recreate his grandfather’s 7-man pyramid, from the ’60’s and, just as had previously happened, it fell.

Lijana Wallenda, who crossed in the opposite direction as her brother, had been seriously injured and this was her first time, braving the high wire, since then.

At just about 18 minutes into the walk, they crossed, with Nik going over his sister, who had begun her trek, just prior to three minutes after her brother had begun his own.  They would meet just before the 18:00 clicked and, Nik had to release his sister’s tethering wire and then reattach it, so she could continue after he had crossed over her.

As I recall, Nik had done a similar stunt, with his wife, at the same site, in Puerto Rico, where Karl Wallenda had died.

Nik’s trek was completed at the 25:55 minute mark, while his sister completed her own at the 36:15 mark.

If you ask me, Lijana has proven to anyone, who has fallen off a bicycle and is told that he or she needs to get back on, immediately, to overcome their fear.

This also brings to mind, a program I was watching, a few months ago, where a girl fell off a horse and another girl made her get back on, in order to quell fear of riding the horse.

The main thing is this:  In the political arena, as well as everywhere else, we have to learn from falling and getting back up to what we have already attempted and found we couldn’t do on the first attempt.

This does have exceptions, however.  I am one of those, because my mobility is impaired to the point where I need to hold onto something in order to walk.  I have fallen a few times, though I went right back and did it again.

I praise the King of kings and Lord of lords not only for allowing me to be alive, 48 years after my first brain surgery, but also for allowing me to have relearned to walk and to have stored memories of accomplishments, while walking.  Those memories will have to sustain me because I am, now, wheelchair bound, once again.

I, also, praise the King of kings for allowing me to walk until I was in my early 50’s, while a doctor said he’d have assumed me to have been wheelchair bound by the time I was 14 or 15 and I thank and praise the King for allowing me to have stored memories of some of those walks.

I do hope others, who are possibly facing the same type odds, will accomplish what they can, while they’re able, so they can rely upon their memories, when the time comes and, as they’re waiting for the time of the, soon coming, end of the age, when Christ is going to return and allow us ALL to have glorified bodies.

Same thing…(More).

Another part of the coming Tribulation is the fact that  a prophecy exists that will have a date on it.

Now that it has been reported that President Trump is anxious to see his deal, to bring peace to the Middle East (and, I, for one, still cannot understand how the idiots in the United Nations think peace can only be achieved by forcing Israel to give away what God gave to her forefather) and, in so doing, will sup-port the UN’s plan to establish a Palestinian State and, thereby slapping God’s chosen people in the face.

One of the things I am beginning to understand is this:  The Lord placed Obama in the White House, although his anti-Semitic opinions became legend and I think He did so because Obama’s administration was such a failure that it caused the American people to want to rid the White House of politicians … ESPECIALLY life-long politicians.
That is why Trump was elected and that is how the Lord brought the man, who will probably lead to the signing of a treaty between Israel and Palestine, which will bring about the 7-year Tribulation and I am, equally, happy to have, recently, learned that America is going to be here, throughout the Great Tribu-lation, in order to protect Israel from the coming onslaught, when the Muslims, communists (If you believe communism died, you’re about nine pounds shy of a bushel of cotton!)

A lot of what the Christian churches have assumed will occur, when the Rapture strikes, appears to be nothing more than assumption!

Today’s thought:

It has been a few years since my mom retired from writing a weekly newspaper column.  What happened was that the local newspapers (I think there were four, in cities in Middle Georgia) had been sold to a man and woman, who wanted her to refrain from writing about politics and (as they said) religion.

Truth be told, Mom and I, both, don’t write about what many people have been deceived into thinking is religion.  You see, religion has been around a lot longer than Christianity and religion is simply man’s attempts to get into God’s holy heaven, without God!
When I think of this, I am always reminded of the terrorists, who murdered thousands, in their attempts to get into the heaven of Allah, while doing what the Talmud instructs them to do, in order to attain heaven.  I don’t know a whole lot about other religions, out there, so I cannot make a legitimate statement, here.
I do, however, know that some religions require their members to work, in order to make their position in heaven know, while the Word of God (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that is) requires one to simply believe.

That isn’t all, though.  You see, the Word also makes the discipleship of the new believer the responsibility of the one, who led him/her to the Lord and that, my friend, is an area most churches, nowadays, are seriously lacking in.

Now, as I think of something, I’ve just read, I am miffed by the fact that some FBI agents have admitted to helping the Democratic National Convention, as the DNC attempt to bring down President Trump.  Not only that, they have admitted to treason and nothing is being done against them … I suspect because the Senate is now being run by other treasonous individuals, who call themselves Democrats.