Remembering A Friend!

A friend of mine, since the late ’70’s, passed away the other day.  This brother was in his mid-60’s – 66, to be exact.  And I’d counted him, amongst my friends, since meeting him, in 1977, at Rehoboth Baptist Church, Tucker, GA.
Robert Kutter had worked in several capacities, in the State of Georgia, until his retirement.

While I lived in Atlanta, I saw Robert, quite a bit.  Then, when I moved away, I thought of him, every once in awhile.  When I’d visit the RBC Deaf Sunday School class, more often than not, he’d be there.
Robert used to, erroneously, tell people that I’d started the Deaf Ministry, at RBC, and, when he’d say that, in my presence, I would correct and amend that statement.
Truth be told, another lady started the Ministry to the Deaf, while I (along with two other people, who were interested in learning signs and associating with the Deaf) utilized the RBC Thursday evening Visitation to build that ministry.

This was during the tenure of the Rev. Lester Buice and, when he retired and his successor, all but, destroyed that ministry, Robert was the first to complain.
The main complaint was that Dr. Richard G. Lee, demanded the Deaf sit in an area of the sanctuary, where the TV lights blinded us and, when I got in Lee’s face about it, Robert got wind of what I’d said and agreed with me, in front of the interpreter, who had taken Lee’s side.

Interpreted church services are becoming more and more political, it seems.  The pastor will, often, allow hearing people to dictate whether the interpreter be allowed to  perform his/her ministry.
The Rev. Lester Buice supported the needs of the Deaf, while Dr. Lee, as well as many others, out there, didn’t.

Because of doctrinal understanding, I left RBC in August, 1979, and although I did return for a short time, while I served as a touring missionary, it seems as if Robert, who also was in and out, remained at RBC longer than anyone else.

To say that Robert Kutter will be sorely missed is putting it lightly.  I do, however, look forward to meeting him at the Judgement Seat, where he, along with myself and the rest of the righteous dead, will rule with Christ, over the unrighteous.

The House Where I Live

Most people, even in the State of Georgia, don’t know of the town, called Toomsboro.
And, if they do, they don’t have a clue as to where Toomsboro, GA, is.  It’s a lot like the town of Ivey, GA, where you will only be able to know its whereabouts if you, regularly pass through that neck o’ the woods.
It’s strange, when you consider that both Ivey and Toomsboro are both inside Wilkinson County, GA.

Back in the mid-’90’s, my sister and her husband purchased a 15-acre farm, where their son built a house for their family, which numbered five, at the time, to live.  in about 2007, give or take a year or two, this son built his own house, where he would later bring his bride to live.
About a year or two later, when my mobility began to collapse, Bruce took the money, provided by my wife’s retirement, and built the abode, where I am sitting, now.  Then, when our old house sold, we used that money to complete the outside of this house, as well as the carport and the fencing of the backyard.

Don’t quote me on this, but I think we’ve lived here about nine years, which is almost 2/3 of the length of time we lived in the house, in East Milledgeville.

This house, basically, is a handicap house, which is kind of hard to understand the meaning of, if you’re not living inside one.
Basically, this house was built, without a hallway (I used to fall down, in the hallways, in our old house, quite a bit.  So, except for a small walkway, between the shower and the bedroom, where two closets are located, the house has nary a hallway.
This makes it easier for someone, who can barely walk, to get around.

Then, when my ankle gave out and I ended up wheelchair bound, I realized this house has another blessing for someone, like myself:  it doesn’t require a lot to maneuver a wheelchair from room to room.

Helen and I have lived here since 2011 and, while I do, often, feel shut in, I realize that, because I have internet access and a videophone, which allows me to call and see Deaf people, all over America, free of charge (all I have to do is pay the, monthly, internet fee, the ADA law provides that the powers-that-be cannot charge me more, which is exactly what they did, for years, when Deaf people only had the use of the teletype old fashioned machines), while I converse, with them, I am no longer “shut-in” in the original sense of the phrase.

So, while I am alone, I am not ALL ALONE!






























The Coming Year

Just now, I’ve seen an article, with a title aimed at getting people to
open up to the Zodiac, to know what the coming year has in store
for them.  Every time I see something of this nature, my mind returns
to either the year 1999 or 2000, when I was sitting in a Milledgeville, GA,
dentist’s chair and joking about just about everything.

This led the doctor’s assistant to ask me what my sign is.  This was the first
time anyone had ever asked me that question and, without missing a heart-
beat, I replied, “The Cross of Calvary.”

This woman attempted to explain that she meant the Zodiac, which led me to
explain my own conviction:  The Zodiac wants us to believe we can tell the
future by looking at the stars.
Personally, I’d rather go to the One, Who put the stars in place.  Therefore, I don’t
read newspaper columns that are attempting to influence a legend of unsuspecting
people in the ways of the devil.


The Stupidity Continues!

For several months, prior to the end of Obama’s eight years of doing absolutely NOTHING, in the White House, one of his idiots (supporters … both words are interchangeable, if you ask me) told me that her friend, who was, apparently, smart enough to know a pathetic office-holder, when she saw one,  always told her all the things Obama was doing wrong. (When my friend said this, I wondered, aloud, if needing to have an “L” and a “R,” inside his shoes so he would know which one went on which foot, but that’s not what I’m writing about here, so, I’ll leave that out.

Anyhow, this friend would harp about things like the failure of Obama (doesn’t) Care, as I have taken to calling it and  about his many vacations.

Well, my friend has taken to demanding that Trump’s job requirement doesn’t call for him to play golf … as if he is the first president ever to play golf on weekends, you know.  The woman harps about the fact that when Trump goes to Florida to play golf, the tax-payers have to foot the bill for the Secret Service going with him (as if any president, who ever took a weekend trip DIDN’T take the Secret Service, with them and she still refuses to believe Obama took trip after trip to the beaches of Hawaii, where he didn’t even take work with him.
(Note:  She did, once, demand that it was all right for Obama to do this, demanding that he is from Hawaii and all workers can “go home,” every now and then.  It does appear to be an humongous double standard, when someone (a democrat, of course) votes to allow the likes of a lazy president, who didn’t do anything, during an eight-year political hiatus, known to the wimps, in the American media, as a political administration.

So, I am led to wonder why it’s politically acceptable for the likes of a LAZY DEMOCRAT to do NOTHING, while he is given accolades for things he did not do, by the wimps in the media, and it’s not allowed for a hard-working president, whom the democrats in both houses of Congress are anxious to get rid of, because his work ethic isn’t acceptable to them.
Not only that, Obama was given “honors” for “creating millions of jobs, while those, who bestowed him, with those “honors,” overlooked the fact that he also left millions, out of work, while creating far fewer positions in the workforce.

Several people have told me, in the past, that my, unbridled mouth, gets me in trouble and I have to admit that I don’t reign in the comments, I make.  Especially when those comments are designed to disagree with anyone, whose ideals are pro-world and anti- God!!
You know…Such as, when I made a lot of comments, supporting the Godly beliefs, when Obama  had the gall to bathe the White House in the colors of the Sodomite flag, after

the U.S. Supreme Court decided to allow this nation to slip further down the greased pole, on it’s way into the fiery chasm of hell.

 In closing I would like to comment on the anxious desire of the Democratic National Committee, when it  supports worldly ways, in an attempt to lead America toward becoming a more worldly nation and, when the likes of Barry Obama stand up and support the United Nations as that office becomes more and more anti-Israel.
I met a man, who had written a song, in which he expressed that the only hope for America is God.
I agree because, unless America stops all the God-hating, worldly ways, we’re going to find that God’s blessings, which once were plenty, are removed.

I am, however, overjoyed to see America (the eagle) shown in the Book of the Revelation, in the Word of God.  We ain’t going nowhere and, in that book (it’s in the 17th chapter, I believe) John saw the eagle’s wings assisting the woman and baby (Israel and Christ) during the final attempt by the enemy, whose goal has always been to destroy both and, proudly, exalt himself.

So, while the world and the Democratic National Convention are anxious to follow the  United Nations and support Palestine over Israel, prophetic writing in God’s Word (those will never go unaccounted for, mind you) show us that America and Israel will be here, until the return of the Lord, when He comes to prevent the annihilation of His people, Israel.
Israel’s enemies ( the Muslims and Catholics can b numbered amongst those….I wonder if America’s Democratic Party will also be annihilated at the Battle of Armageddon.

It will be revealed sooner than a lot of people think!!

Why is this done now?!?

As I continue reading that the Democratically led U..S. House of Representatives is impeaching President Donald Trump for abuse of powers, one underlying thought invades my mind:  WHY DIDN’T THEY DO THIS, WHEN OBAMA WAS ABUSING HIS POWERS?

I have a friend, who is pro-democrat.  NOTHING Obama did would ever be considered wrong, by this woman.  I keep telling her (even before he was elected in 2008) that he knew, all along, that he couldn’t remove the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution and he knew it.  He banked on the fact that millions of Americans would believe he could and, when they went to vote, they expected he would end the massacre, being shown, daily, on the news.

Well, when Trump was elected, this same woman demanded his “lie” was that he said he would remove the horror of ObamaCare, which I’ve always called Obama-Couldn’t-Care- Less.
Then, when Obama’s brothers-in-crime, in Congress, were able to shoot down Trump’s attempt, this same woman gloated that Trump had lost.
She couldn’t get past this one, though:  In eight years, Obama never once approached Congress, with any type plan to remove the 2nd Amendment.  He never planned to because, as I’ve already written, HE KNEW HE WOULD FAIL!!
While it’s true that Trump’s plan, for now, has been placed on the back burner (probably because the impeachment is taking up so much of his time.

I have one, underlying, hope, when it comes to the looming impeachment trial:  It will draw people to realize that this is only a DNC ploy.  One in an immature attempt to, not only, distract him away from the necessary aspects of his job, but also to blow his opportunity to become a two-term president, which, if you ask me, is what they should have been anxious to do, when their half-breed liar, who didn’t do anything, as far as I’m concerned, in the eight years it appeared he sat around the Oval Office, playing tiddlywinks.

The fact that the Democrat Party is planning to get even, with the RNC, over the fact that Clinton was impeached (I still recall the cover stories on all the supermarket rags, where they began demanding Geo. W. Bush’s impeachment, as soon as he moved into the White House.   That immature attitude isn’t going to change.


My hope is that this farce of a court trial will backfire and, not only hand the next General Election to Trump in an humongous landslide.

I am considering the fact that, had Hillary become president, in 2017, the Supreme Court would, now, be hopelessly liberal, meaning the U.S. laws would continue to become more and more anti-God.
I am positive that, had Hillary moved back into the White House, the USSC would now have six justices, who would be anxious to continue the downward trend, of the U.S. in matters, such as allowing homosexual marriage and other unGodly laws would continue to become the laws of the land.

Scripture tells us that God places whomever He wishes into positions of authority, which is why I believe Obama became president.  God had plans to elevate an non-politician into the highest office in the land, so He could straighten America out.
The Democrats may not like it (who would expect the bad guys to accept the deterioration in their plans and way?) but I can see the hand of the Most High God, the One, on Whose principles America USED to stand and I am hopeful that He is bringing a GREAT REVIVAL to this land, where we ONCE served Him and, somewhere along the line, got out of sinc, with His plans.

America, now, has an opportunity to show America that our interest is in continuing to be ONE NATION UNDER (THE LORD) GOD (ALMIGHTY…THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB).  I, for one, am hoping it will be proven!

Note:  I am publishing this, without proofreading, so, if you find errors, herein, that’s the reason.

























Here We Go Again!!

Once again, I am fed up, with the way the world has two sets of regulations.
I mean, when Iran’s president (or, whatever THEY call the fool) threatens to wipe Israel off the map, nothing was said.  And, now, when Trump made threats, through his daily Tweets, to retaliate, should Iran follow through with their threats against American interests and those interest of our allies, the world’s community was up in arms, demanding they would drag our president into the World Court.

Thinking about this, I recall how the lone American female POW, back in the first Gulf War, had reported having, repeatedly, been raped by her captors.  I recall that nothing was done, against Iraq and nary a word was uttered by any of the same officials, who demanded the U.S. military be held responsible, when some of the guards, at the Guantanamo Bay prison had had some fun, picking on some of the POWs, there.

All of this came back to mind, when I read about how the World’s Court is planning to charge Trump, should he retaliate against Iran, in the event that Iran continues to wreak their havoc on our military and our friends.


Personally, I would hope the democrats, who are so anxious to besmirch the name of the president, in hopes of having him become a one-term agitator for their plans, which I believe are to lower America to the level of the same countries I’ve just written about, would step up and realize that, contrary to the desire of the United Nations, whose goal is simply to bring in a one-world government, while destroying both Israel and America.

American interest, as well as those of our one, true, Middle East ally (Israel) are going to be protected by the King of kings.

I know this, simply, because I see the eagle (America’s national bird) protecting Israel, in the Book of the Revelation (it’s in the 17th chapter, in case you’d like to find it).

Here’s my point:  Whether the world’s community likes it or not and whether the liberal politicians like it or not, America is going to continue to support Israel.  I know this because it is prophesied in the Word of God and every prophecy, therein, will always come to pass!















Back To Walker Texas Ranger…

It’s been nearly 18 years since Walker Texas Ranger went off the air.  The reruns have sustained me, during the interim and, as I watch an episode I have saved on DVR, I  cannot help but won’t why they don’t pull this out of mothballs and do it all over again.
I realize that Chuck Norris is nearing 80 and that his best days are behind him.  I wonder why C.D.’s bar and grill couldn’t remain the Ranger hangout, with Walker running the place.  They could have some of the cops … Glen Cooper could be a Ranger and, provided they could arrange it, Trivette could be brought back in the position that was Walker’s, previously.
I recall that at the end of the final movie, Alex had been shot.  She could be brought back in a wheelchair and Angela Walker, who was born during the final season, could become a character as well.

The possibilities are numerous!  I’d love to tune in, once again.  Also, I recall that, when they brought the old Dallas program back to life, they made it a twice-yearly program, where they filmed six episodes and those were shown in the spring, while another six were shown in the fall.  This format kept the program on air until Larry Hagman died, although I originally thought they were planning to kill of Bobby AND J.R. and let the next generation take over.

In my imagination, I keep hoping WTR will return, with the next generation having taken over and the old pro’s being their mentors.

It’s good to have dreams….RIGHT?


















Last night

Last night, for the third time, I watched as Nik Wallenda crossed a high wire.
First, I’d seen him as he crossed Niagara Falls and then I watched as he crossed the Grand Canyon.
His crossing of Times Square was a little bit different because he and his sister, who had been injured, when he attempted to recreate his grandfather’s 7-man pyramid, from the ’60’s and, just as had previously happened, it fell.

Lijana Wallenda, who crossed in the opposite direction as her brother, had been seriously injured and this was her first time, braving the high wire, since then.

At just about 18 minutes into the walk, they crossed, with Nik going over his sister, who had begun her trek, just prior to three minutes after her brother had begun his own.  They would meet just before the 18:00 clicked and, Nik had to release his sister’s tethering wire and then reattach it, so she could continue after he had crossed over her.

As I recall, Nik had done a similar stunt, with his wife, at the same site, in Puerto Rico, where Karl Wallenda had died.

Nik’s trek was completed at the 25:55 minute mark, while his sister completed her own at the 36:15 mark.

If you ask me, Lijana has proven to anyone, who has fallen off a bicycle and is told that he or she needs to get back on, immediately, to overcome their fear.

This also brings to mind, a program I was watching, a few months ago, where a girl fell off a horse and another girl made her get back on, in order to quell fear of riding the horse.

The main thing is this:  In the political arena, as well as everywhere else, we have to learn from falling and getting back up to what we have already attempted and found we couldn’t do on the first attempt.

This does have exceptions, however.  I am one of those, because my mobility is impaired to the point where I need to hold onto something in order to walk.  I have fallen a few times, though I went right back and did it again.

I praise the King of kings and Lord of lords not only for allowing me to be alive, 48 years after my first brain surgery, but also for allowing me to have relearned to walk and to have stored memories of accomplishments, while walking.  Those memories will have to sustain me because I am, now, wheelchair bound, once again.

I, also, praise the King of kings for allowing me to walk until I was in my early 50’s, while a doctor said he’d have assumed me to have been wheelchair bound by the time I was 14 or 15 and I thank and praise the King for allowing me to have stored memories of some of those walks.

I do hope others, who are possibly facing the same type odds, will accomplish what they can, while they’re able, so they can rely upon their memories, when the time comes and, as they’re waiting for the time of the, soon coming, end of the age, when Christ is going to return and allow us ALL to have glorified bodies.

Same thing…(More).

Another part of the coming Tribulation is the fact that  a prophecy exists that will have a date on it.

Now that it has been reported that President Trump is anxious to see his deal, to bring peace to the Middle East (and, I, for one, still cannot understand how the idiots in the United Nations think peace can only be achieved by forcing Israel to give away what God gave to her forefather) and, in so doing, will sup-port the UN’s plan to establish a Palestinian State and, thereby slapping God’s chosen people in the face.

One of the things I am beginning to understand is this:  The Lord placed Obama in the White House, although his anti-Semitic opinions became legend and I think He did so because Obama’s administration was such a failure that it caused the American people to want to rid the White House of politicians … ESPECIALLY life-long politicians.
That is why Trump was elected and that is how the Lord brought the man, who will probably lead to the signing of a treaty between Israel and Palestine, which will bring about the 7-year Tribulation and I am, equally, happy to have, recently, learned that America is going to be here, throughout the Great Tribu-lation, in order to protect Israel from the coming onslaught, when the Muslims, communists (If you believe communism died, you’re about nine pounds shy of a bushel of cotton!)

A lot of what the Christian churches have assumed will occur, when the Rapture strikes, appears to be nothing more than assumption!

Today’s thought:

It has been a few years since my mom retired from writing a weekly newspaper column.  What happened was that the local newspapers (I think there were four, in cities in Middle Georgia) had been sold to a man and woman, who wanted her to refrain from writing about politics and (as they said) religion.

Truth be told, Mom and I, both, don’t write about what many people have been deceived into thinking is religion.  You see, religion has been around a lot longer than Christianity and religion is simply man’s attempts to get into God’s holy heaven, without God!
When I think of this, I am always reminded of the terrorists, who murdered thousands, in their attempts to get into the heaven of Allah, while doing what the Talmud instructs them to do, in order to attain heaven.  I don’t know a whole lot about other religions, out there, so I cannot make a legitimate statement, here.
I do, however, know that some religions require their members to work, in order to make their position in heaven know, while the Word of God (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that is) requires one to simply believe.

That isn’t all, though.  You see, the Word also makes the discipleship of the new believer the responsibility of the one, who led him/her to the Lord and that, my friend, is an area most churches, nowadays, are seriously lacking in.

Now, as I think of something, I’ve just read, I am miffed by the fact that some FBI agents have admitted to helping the Democratic National Convention, as the DNC attempt to bring down President Trump.  Not only that, they have admitted to treason and nothing is being done against them … I suspect because the Senate is now being run by other treasonous individuals, who call themselves Democrats.