Just Found This:

For the past few (as in two or three) years, I’ve thought about contacting a prison minister, whom I met in the summer of 1980, when he, along with a college singing group ventured into the town, where I lived. A few minutes ago, I found that Joe Donato had passed away in 2017, so it wouldn’t have done any good to attempt to contact him.

On the weekend of July 4, 1980, Joe had stayed, with a friend of mine, in Ivey, GA, where I attempted to water ski. I failed because my balance is greatly impeded by my deafness (the following weekend, when he wasn’t there, I made it up and skied for about 20 minutes on Lake Tchukolako, which is a manmade lake, in Ivey, GA.
When I saw Joe, again, I didn’t think to brag about this.

It’s been a long, long times, since I read Joe’s book, so I will order it, when I have the money, and read it again. I just wish I still had the one, with his autograph.

Don’t you wish…?

Jimmy Carter left the White House on January20, 1981, and the best thing he did was to stay out of American, political business. Of course, he has allowed the presidents to send him to places, where he functioned as a statesman.
He never meddled in American politics, criticizing the work of his successor, though.

I, for one, think Obama would do well to shut up and stay out of affairs that left him behind when America FINALLY bid adieu to him, in 2017.

Obama’s eight years, in Washington (where his REAL accomplishment was, more than likely, to perfect his game of tiddlywinks) and, prior to that, when his chair, in the Senate, was, more often than not, empty, while he “served” as a U.S. Senator.

So, when he crtiques the work of Trump (or even his, former, second in command) I would rate it on about the same scale as I would, should he decide to rate women’s fashions.

Gone, But NEVER Forgotten

For the past four months, I’d waited to hear from Dr. Harold Reents, who was my Spiritual father, ministerial mentor and the man, whom I went to, when I needed encouragement – of any kind.

Then, I went online, to see if he’d changed his email address and found that he’d had passed away, last November.

“Doc,” as I’d, affectionately, call him, since the days, when he was the Academic Dean, at Christ for the Nations Institute and I was merely a student, whom he’d chosen to mold into a prayer warrior, had nary a bone in his body, other than 206 LOVING bones.

This man never showed anger and I recall when his adopted daughter told me that he didn’t know how to spank a child. I mean, Laurie told me that she and her siblings would start laughing, when he would be the instigator of a spanking, while their mother would wail into them.
She said that Patty would hear them laughing and offer to take over, so they would start crying, just to stave
the beating they knew was coming if “Mom” DID take over.

During my two years as a student, at Christ for the Nations Institute, Doc would ask me to tell him what had happened, the previous Saturday night, when my Street Evangelism team would go out to the streets. Because my partners would go back to the school and talk about how I’d done things (for example, when we went to Mardi Gras, everybody was afraid of the policemen.
I wasn’t and, when the group came back to the school, my two partners began talking about how I’d “boldly” – to quote one of them – talked about the trash, in the streets and moved the conversation to talking about the man’s heart and how only Jesus could clean that “trash” and make it white as snow.

When I told Doc about that, he was jumping up and down – with his hands in the air, too.
That’s the type encouragement Doc gave out.

Another of my Bible college teachers told me that the Lord had told him his, earthly, ministry was to prepare of his ministry, in heaven.

Thinking about that tells me that, contrary to how the actors, on The Dukes of Hazzard used to say, “Gone to his/her reward,” doesn’t fit “Doc.” I mean, he hasn’t, simply, left this earthly, realm to relax, in the heavenly Home, with His Lord and Master, he’s “up there,” encouraging the angels, while they do their work!

I am sure he is also standing before the Throne of God, praising the King of kings for what those of us, whom he mentored are succeeding in doing, here, as well.

Renewal Time

This is my first blog in a number of weeks and I feel like this should be called a renewal, or sorts.

I have continued to debate the political arena, with a Jewish lady, who, being a supporter of all things, Democrat, is the antithesis of my own political leanings.
For example, while Obama was loafing, in Washington, this woman kept telling me how another lady, who lived near her, kept making negative comments about that administration.
Then, Hillary got her backside bounced from politics and, as soon as Trump took office, this same woman began making negative comments.

Here’s the problem: This woman is Jewish and she swears by ABCNews, demanding it is mainstream and un-biased. (Borrowing a line someone else had given me, I told her that if she really believed that, I would be glad to sell her my oceanfront condo, in St. Louis!! I will make the same offer to any member of the DNC voters, who agrees with her!)

Now, Biden has taken office and, like any 80-year old, he is moving at the speed of frozen molasses and the woman thinks he is doing fine! She has already told me she expects to vote for his reelection in 3 1/2 years!

That’s another problem: When Trump was getting ready to bounce Hilary out of politics, the Democrats were demanding that, at 70, he was too old to hold the highest office in the land. So, they wanted to usurp his command and brought in an 80-year old, without mention of his declining mental facilities.

To me that’s the old ploy: DO AS WE DEMAND, NOT AS WE PLAN TO DO!
So, I’m sure the dim bulb party will come out, in force, around 3 1/2 years from now, should the RNC reinstate Trump’s candidacy and make all their rhetorical remarks, demanding that he is too old.

Of course, that is, assuming they don’t work their racist game, meaning Biden resigns and the presidency is placed in the lap of his Vice President, who was only tapped to run, with him, so the long diminishing black vote, in the South, will remain the laps of the Democratic Racist Party of America!

Personally, I dare (or, as the kids, in the ’60’s, would say, “DOUBLE DARE!) any dim bulb, who counts himself or herself amongst the Democratic Party voters, to prove me wrong, about this.

Let’s see, in 2012, Obama, who is a half-breed, whose color is the African side of him, ran, calling himself black. In 2020, Biden took a black lady as his running mate, so the Racist Party, of America could take back the highest office in the land.

All of this was done, simply because the democrats, in Washington, are anxious for their statue quo to continue!

A Good Thought: “I wish people would vote for Trump based on what he can do and not on his personality.”

I’ll begin this by quoting a good friend, who is speaking of the 2024 general election, which I presume a lot of people are hoping Trump will not only enter, but win, “I wish people would vote for Trump based on what he can do and not on his personality.”

That makes a load of sense, to me. I mean, the fact that he cannot keep his mouth shut and refuses to stop using Twitter, as well as other social media, are beside the point that he was probably the best president, since Ronald Reagan.

I’m sure that, should any of the idiots, who twice voted for and still presume Obama to be a good president (I keep challenging one Jewish friend to show me one, single, solitary thing that buffoon did FOR Israel – she will shoot back with, “Oh, you know what he did.”
And, I’ll meet her inability to name something, with, “Yup, I know he did NOTHING, ZILCH, NOT A THING!!”
And, when I’ve challenged her to name something Obama did for America, she says, “ObamaCare,” which I have, long since, been calling, “Obama Couldn’t Care LESS!!”
What none of those, from the dim bulb political persuasion don’t seem to realize is this” The only thing that Muslim did was sign his name to a piece of paper that is, now, costing taxpaying citizens even more, simply because Obama’s idea of helping the loafers could only be achieved by taking money from the Middle Class,
taxpaying citizens.

Let’s not get away from the point, though: Trump’s nominating three strong Right Wing Supreme Court justices will help to bring America back into being one nation UNDER GOD, which is something the Left Wing no longer seems to care about. Their main interests is hoping to raise enough vote … mainly from sodomites those, who either do murder the unborn or seem to think thou shalt not murder is no longer the fifth of the Ten Commandments.
They also appear to be anxious to continue allowing the ladies to walk on their husbands and do as they please, when it comes to familial responsibilities.

I’m fairly sure the dim bulb faction will, once again, attempt to hide Biden’s elevated age. When the General Election was slated to be Hillary vs. Trump, they demanded that, at 70, Trump was too old for the presidency. Then, they made not beans about the fact that Biden is about to turn 80.

Once again, I see them as the “Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Do” party.

So, I can only hope that this lackluster administration will show the world what the dim bulb faction is really made of and show America that its best interests are going to be served by a conservative.

Where IS Her Faith?

I have just read where Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying, “I grant the Church, where they are, on abortion.
That’s where they are; that’s where they have to be. But my faith isn’t about what their position is.”

That’s begs anyone, who hears or reads it, to wonder about this woman’s, so-called, faith.

I’ll take my own time in writing this and examine my, personal, opinion in the open: When it comes to state-ments, such as this, I am always leaning toward believing that the faith, spoken of, here, is simply anything that keep this woman in an office, where she is free to continue making decisions for everyone else.

In this case, her decision is self-centered and self-serving, to the point of denying life to the unborn, simply because in so doing, she expects everyone, who is anxious to slaughter the unborn, will vote for her and keep her in the U.S. House of Representatives, where the Liberal majority, coupled with the liberals, who also hold the majority, in the Senate, will allow her to continue making decision … ungodly ones, mind you … aimed at keeping America on the road to becoming as ungodly a state as the liberals can dream of.

When Reagan sought to reinstall the Lord into His place of honor, in the public schools, the liberals were shoulder-to-shoulder, standing against him. When Obama’s Supreme Court justice choices paved the way for sodomite marriage to become legal, in what I still believe to ONE NATION UNDER GOD (not gods, mind you; America was founded upon the Holy Bible of the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. No other god is, in any way, worthy of standing above Him.)

So, realizing that Nancy Pelosi and her cronies don’t like it, doesn’t mean a thing to me!

Told Ya So!

It’s been less than two months, since my 60th birthday was ruined.
You see, I was born on the inauguration day of President John F. Kennedy, so, this past January, I, once again, felt as if I’d been shortchanged by the U.S. voters.

Before any of my readers picket the front of my house or seek to send me email bombs, I’ll take the opportunity to express the fact that I, just like any other citizen, am entitled to my opinion and, when a democrat … i.e. – someone, who doesn’t seem to care about the rights of the unborn, those, who are simply PAWNS, in the “game” of politics, when people, who are anxious to use anything, they can find, to win an election, will get behind a murderous industry, tor the sake or a vote,

I think I’ve just ended a runoff sentence, so I’ll continue, here: My thinking has always been that if you murder someone, you, simply, remove their heartbeat. If you abort a fetus … and, I don’t care if you think of it as birth contrl or anything else … you, also, end a heartbeat.
So destroying a heartbeat, whether the body, with that heartbeat is inside or outside the womb, in absolutely nothing less than murder and, whether the pro-murder (HEY! Y’all can call it choice, birth control of anything else you desire, but, as far as I’m concerned, you’re ignoring the fact that, from the moment of concepton, that fetus is alive and growing.)

Personally, I am overjoyed with the fact that Obama’s idiocy led to the election of President Trump and, whether he began his candidacy as a Christian or not, he made good U.S. Supreme Court choices and those, hopefully, will lead to changes in the Right to Life laws this country has made into a mockery of and unborn baby’s rights!

Some people may disagree with this…Frankly, I don’t care…When I stand before my Maker, on the Judgement Day, I will be happy to profess that I did what I could to stop the murder of unborn children.

When I began this blog, I mentioned that my, recent birthday was ruined by the installikng of another murderer, in the White House. Well, I can dream, with the best of ’em, so I dream of a day, when any president, being sorn in, will have the same love for children … inside of outside the womb … as I. I dream of a day, when the president, whether conservative or liberal, will take office, witth the goal of saving the lives of the unborn.

AGES Galore

When Donald Trump was preparing to wipe the Washington streets with the backside of Hillary Clinton, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA had a field day, demanding Trump was too old for the presidency.
At the time, Trump was 72 and the DNC, along with the FAKE NEWS MEDIA demanded he was too old for the job.

Well, when they decided to give the job, which they’d stolen, to Biden, who is almost 80, they didn’t say a word and it makes the sound minded individuals wonder why they play such hypocritical politics.

Now What?

Now that Trump has been acquitted of both charges against him, we can almost be guaranteed of two things: First, the likes of Nancy Pelosi will spend the next four years, trembling that he’ll be able to come back and do what no president has done, since Grover Cleveland.
That is, to serve two non-consecutive terms in office.

From early on, I noted that this was Pelosi’s lone reason for impeaching him. She, along with the idiots, who sought to stop him, when he won the White House and then sought to drain the swamp, where the Democratic National Convention lives.
So, when she realized that the American people are behind him, with no way to continue doing what they’d always done … use their own riches to keep the Middle Class Americans in a place, where we will not, anytime soon, be able to emerge from: POEVERTY.

The wealthy don’t care that the majority of Americans are facing impoverishment, the lives of the people, who have riches and the lives of those, who do not, are nowhere near similar, because we have to wait in line for everything, we need, while they will simply call someone to bring them what-ever they want.

So, I look to 2024, when I’ll (hopefully) be able to vote for Donald J. Trump and see him usurp the president, whom the DNC will, almost certainly, seek to honor as the man, who cleaned up after Trump. The only problem is, Trump had to clean up the mess, left behind by Biden’s old boss and I’d expect Trump will need to return to clean up after Biden.

End Time Revival

Some might think of this as Endtime or EndTime Revival, but that’s not the point. The point is, a revival is coming and I am wondering if the pandemic will, in some way, lead to it.

Some christians are assuming that the pandemic will lead to a wworldwide shortage of money and that the Antichrist will come up, with a solution to solve all the bankruptcies. I’m not sure where, but I’ve been told that scripture says the Antichrist will charm people into believing he has all the answers to worldwide problems, including the unatainable peace in the Middle East.
What I think needs to be understood is that no peace will ever be achieved, there, or anywhere else, except through the shed blood of the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Having said that, I think it’s obvious that no peace treaty, formed by men, will ever amount to anything. Of course, if my own peers refuse to believe this, how could I expect the world leaders to accept it?

From the time I accepted the Lord, in November, 1973, until just recently, I was told and believed that nobody could figure out when Jesus would return and, as Scripture says, He will appear, like a Thief in the night.
While it is true that His appearance will surprise many, just as someone might, unexpectedly, walk in on a thief, who is robbing their home, it’s not true that nobody will know when He will return.
As soon as I find the program episode, where the recently deceased teacher, Irvin Baxter explained how we’ll know when the Tribulation, which will precede the Great Tribulation, has begun, I’ll con-tinue this, with another blog.